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Just to clear up a little confusion.
Neil Morgan set this site up but handed the maintenance over to Archibald Duffer.
Incoming emails usually reach both of us

The New Phones


BT Software Versions & Download links

BT Contacts

HTC Software

Compatible software

INcompatible software

BT's BTBBA Web Site
and another BT Help page

Other Useful web sites


BT BBAnywhere forum - the BT BBAnywhere forum

Non BT forums

Got any more?

Hints & Tips

Top Tip - Longer battery life
BBAnywhere Terms & Conditions
Cutting and monitoring Costs

Closing Applications

Connection Issues

Error Messages

Factory reset  
GPRS - Preventing connection. If going abroad BLOCK IT!
Home Screen

Internet Browsing

Laptop Linking  - or even any PC
MAC linking
Memory Upgrade
MMS Settings
Number Porting - added 01/11/2008
Passwords - if it won't accept a password check that it is registering your first keypress
Rebuilding the software (my preferences)
Registry editing
Ring Tones
Stop things running
WiFi hotspots

Courtesy of Neil Morgan and Archie Duffer - all info snaffled from other people's web sites and I haven't even tested it all but trust my sources.
Please let me know if any information is incorrect and I'll be happy to update it.
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