H Email Snippets

Why can I send email on WiFi but not on GPRS

Because BT have separate blocks on your broadband and GPRS. If it works on Wifi then your credentials are obviously correct but blocked via GPRS and in principle it could work the other way round too.

The outgoing server just needs an authenticated account and can send with ANY email name that you own. Here's how

Mail button
Highlight the faulty account~
This email address is what  will appear as the sender
next 4 times (takes you to outgoing mail sever)
change to mail.btinternet.com or smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com
untick "use the same name...."
use your primary BTBB email account name and password
next next finish

Good luck and let me know if it doesn't work for you.

Where are my SENT emails hiding?

When you receive an e-mail on your BT yahoo / BTInternet account it sits there until your phone connects to your account. When it does it synchronises your inbox with the Yahoo account, resulting in it appearing on your phone.

If you reply to a message the reply end up in the "sent" folder of your Yahoo account, however the "sent" folder on your phone is, by default, not synchronised with that folder. So the reply appears to have been lost.

If you enable synchronisation of the "sent" folder on your phone then it ensures that it duplicates what is on the server. This applies to any folder that exists on your Yahoo account. If you want it to appear on your phone as well then you have to enable synchronisation on that folder. Its also a good idea to synchronise the "sent items" folder as stuff sometimes end up there if you reply using webmail.

To Sync a folder - messaging key (bottom right of phone)>select account>silver button or select>menu>folders>menu>manage folders>select folder>some will add a "sync" soft button>sync or Don't sync

Its sounds more complicated than it really is. Your Yahoo mail account operates in a similar way to an Outlook mail server.

Using PUSH email

Lifted straight from the forum -  I have not tried this myself so any feedback is appreciated


To set up a free account you would log onto http://live.mail2web.com (needs to be the live account not standard mail2web), once you have created an account you can find the required settings in settings once you have logged in, this is set up in activesync and not directly on the phone, once the phone has been sync'd it sets up the email under "outlook email" on your device (scroll right when in mail and it takes you through mail, outlook mail, text messsages etc).. "microsoft direct push" needs to be active on the communications manager but I think this is done automatically anyway and then you have push mail on your bt2go and hopefuly less data. Assuming you want to keep your bt mail address you could forward them mails automatically to your mail2web account or there is a mail aggregator in the mail2web system that will collect mail for you (albeit on a periodic basis thus removing some of the benefit of push mail...)


1) first of all log in to your mail2web live account and click on "my email settings" (bottom left hand of the screen)
2) Click view activesync settings and take a note of these
These will be something along the lines of :

Server: mobile.exchange.mail2web.com
UserName: youremail_mail2we
Domain: AD2

Now open up activesync on your pc (with the phone connected and sync'd)
Click the tools menu, then select "configure server source"
On the window that pop's up enter your details as you have noted above
(eg Server: mobile.exchange.mail2web.com
UserName: youremail_mail2we (or whatever you have noted!)
Password: (your mail2web password)
Domain: AD2 (or whatever you have noted if different)

Ensure the "save password" and "This server requires and encrypted (SSL) connection" radio boxes are ticked.
Click ok.
This will then bring up another box where you can select what items you want to sync with on the exchange server (ie mail2web server), if you only want to sync your email then you only need to select this, you could also select calendar etc etc...

When you ok this box active sync will syncronise with the phone and you should now have an additional mailbox on your phone called "outlook mail" (if you press the envelope button on the bottom right of phone key pad it will bring up all the "mailboxes" you have access to and you can select from there, or by opening your mail from the homescreen clicking left or right will scroll through the different mail boxes (eg btinternet.com, outlook mail, text message)

I hope this helps!