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Luke Jones sent me this. I'll edit it later



I have posted a link for Opera Mini on your useful software page, i will post the link again http://www.operamini.com/download/pc/htc/htc_s620/ i got the opera-mini-adavanced.jar file and bluetoothed to phone because when tryed to download direct to phone it was coming up wish some silly options, i am posting this again as the average size of page load is 25kb - 60kb, i have just accesed the BT Community Forums via Opera Mini and page load being 25kb wow that's a serrious difference than using IE, i think Opera Mini would be of use to all of us especially as it wont be long, till we all have data limitations placed on us.

Hope this helps.

Have placed a link on my blog to your page http://internetsecurityandmaintenance.blogspot.com/