H Memory Upgrade

The phone has a limited amount of internal memory. This can be expanded with the use of a micro sd card.

I'm not sure of the size limit but it apparently takes any micro SD card and the largest that I know has been confirmed is 8GB.
It seems Sandisk will be releasing a 16GB version soon so if anyone gets a 16GB please let me know

The slot is a little elusive, slide the battery cover off and the slot is 2/3 down to the right of the battery. Ensure you insert the card with contacts facing downwards. 

You will not see any increase in the memory that the phone declares to have. It appears as "Storage Card" 
To find it in the file structure  start > file explorer > up (because it starts in the my documents folder) > storage card

I suggest for future easy software rebuilds that you save all the cab files and downloaded install files to the card. I create an installs folder and sub folders for each BT release and for each badly titled install cab so I can find them easily

There are lots of suppliers of micro SD cards but check around as prices vary dramatically

There seems to be a problem with memory not being freed up. Try http://s-k-tools.com/index.html?m_main.html