H Laptop with BT Broadband Anywhere

Transferring data -
The fastest way is copy the data to the micro SD card and insert it in the other device 

The instructions are pretty clear but be aware that the software is a bit finnicky. You can connect a laptop and phone together via either bluetooth or USB lead (which will also charge the phone and is faster). The biggest problem I have is getting the software to work first time. One of the major pitfalls is not setting up the COM port. It's all there in the instruction book and the PC activesync help file. Good luck. 
Nokia's PCSuite is so much easier to use but this isn't a Nokia phone. If anyone has equialent non-Microsoft software please let me know

Please note -
Various combinations of connection do not work. e.g. If you are charging via the USB lead don't expect the bluetooth to work. If you are using wifi with the two devices connected don't expect GPRS to work

Internet connection without wifi -
What a pain it is! But it does work if you persist.
Set up a USB or bluetooth connection
Ensure activesync is not running. If it is you need to go into activesync and "disconnect". Shutting it down from task manager leaves the connection open!
On the phone > Start >  expert > internet sharing > select USB or bluetooth > Network connection should be GPRS > click "connect"
On the PC > Start > Control panel > Bluetooth Devices > it's in there somewhere to connect to private network. Do you think I'm going to tell you everything? But seriously, I had it working but it's playing up again. If anyone has the whole sequence of keypresses then drop me an email and I'll upload it here

Why does a broadband anywhere wizard keep popping up on my PC
You loaded BTBBA BT software onto your ToGo via async file didn't you! Kill it.

Start > Control Panel > add remove programs > locate the culprit > remove > smile > thank me