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Smart Toolkit.

I just received this from a friend.

I have just visited your Broadband anywhere web site and have an answer for ending applications without the lengthy navigation to Task manager. I use a piece of free software called "smart toolkit". This gives you added functionality for the 2 soft keys, the left one mimics the windows start key normally found on desktops giving access to all programs and functions, the right key becomes a quick link to task manager. In addition you get auto keylock and a cool analogue clock screen saver. You can also program favourite applications to appear on a gadget quick link list that appears when you press the arrow back button. The only problem I have encountered with this piece of kit is that it will not run with the standard BT homescreen so I have the "BT VoIP Home screen 1.14t" in use. [update: Apparently works OK with version 2.35 - Thanks Luke]

I have attached the CAB file below that you simply drag onto your S620 via ActiveSync and execute from the phone, if you do not like it simply uninstall via "remove programs".

Once installed and running press the left soft key and toggle right and then select "control panel" this gives you access to the configuration part of the software. In "General" you can select the software to start automatically when the phone is switched on." Auto Keylock" is self explanatory and "Gadgets" is the quick link tool that you can personalise.

There is a later version of this software but this proved to be unstable and caused me lockups and after a quick google I discovered the general consensus is that version 8 is the best at the moment.

Whatever method you use to close apps you'll probably want to run it easily so here's a tip I've just been given.

Add a speed dial

Highlight the app that you want to use as your closer
Add Speed Dial
Fill in the Keypad Assignment

Pressing the key will call up the app. I used 2 to control the built in task manager