H BTOpenzone, FON and Free hotspots

This isn't an attempt to gather ALL FON/OZ sites but what shops etc. do wifi internet?
I can't promise that this list will be 100% accurate as I have to trust the information providers
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See also http://www.hotspot-locations.co.uk/ and 
which includes satnav, pdf and excel downloads

Free = Free
minutes = limited unlimited usage (500 minutes?)
? = not a clue

McDonalds - Cloud - Free (NB Don't let it force you into OZ!)
Caffe Nero - OZ - minutes
Starbucks - TMobile?
National Express East Coast Trains - Their own? - Free
Wetherspoons - Cloud

Wetherspoons info
Username: Sponsored
Password: Service
Username and password are case sensitive , so type carefully. Service provided by The Cloud.

Sites and GPS data in various formats