H MAC and the HTC

Yes you can use it with a MAC computer BUT you may still have problems with the install files if they arrive from BT as exe files. CAB files are not a problem

See this thread http://www.beta.bt.com/bta/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=4415&tstart=0

I've copied a few comments here but I don't have a MAC so you'll have to let me know what needs adding/altering/removing here

There are a number of packages around that assist with the syncing of phones, via iSync with Address book, iCal, Mail and/or Entourage.

One in particular is PocketMac GoBetween. I have a copy and, over the next couple of weeks, will be setting up a friend's system to use this. He will be using a nokia N95 but there are a large number of phones that are supported. Patches to iSync are needed for many. I shall try the S620 while I'm at it and will report back.

The GoBetween software comes to about 15 including vat.


Syncmate will sync your calendar and contacts for free

syncmate demo version or free version


Pocketmac Pro


If you have anything to add email me btbba@neilmorgan.co.uk