H Error Messages

FON registration "No row found for customer id" = Did you use your primary broadband email address? Do you have BTBroadband?

1 of 4 fails - Your SIM may not be fully enabled even though you can make and receive calls - Ring BT
3 of 4 fails - Various reasons but popular ones are that GPRS is disabled or instant messenger clashes with the BT software

Setup is not valid windows CE application

Usually means either it is a PC file that you load on your PC and use async to install on your mobile


You have the wrong mobile version of the software. The HTC is a smartphone NOT a PPC

"Alert - the system could not obtain your sim card details. We are unable to activate your bt voip account."

On boot up if you have a SIM pin then you need to watch for the prompt and enter it fairly quickly
Dirty contacts?

"Unable to start recoding video. Unable to create video file"

Either you've run out of memory or your antivirus needs disabling. There's also sometimes a problem with one file format but not others


If you come across any error messages and the English translation please let me know and I'll add them here.