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Hi Folks,

I've not bought one of the new phones which means I can't check out what other people are telling me so can't really add much to the site.

Here are a few links and snippets for starters. 


Hello there,

I've decided the new deal is too dear for my level of use so will not be getting one. I'm still using the HTCS620 but without the BT software. 

We'll both still be keeping this site ticking over


BT's main BTBBA page http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumerProducts/displayTopic.do?topicId=25793

Comparison of Hero & Touch 2 excel format 192KB (When I get a moment I will reformat to a titchy little file)

HTC Hero http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumerProducts/displayTopic.do?topicId=25793#tab_top_03

HTC touch2 http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumerProducts/displayTopic.do?topicId=25793#tab_top_02

Pricing from the forum http://www.beta.bt.com/bta/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=15388&tstart=0

The two James's are constantly updating them so the info here will be superceded. Please only use this snippet as a guide.

The prices are based on what you have to pay on top of a BTBB3 package


The handsets are not Network Locked and contain no BT Branding whatsoever

HTC Hero (Android 1.5) and HTC Touch 2 (Windows 6.5)

BBA 50 - 5 Per Month, (29.99 inc BT Unlimited BB) 50 mins, 50 sms, 10MB data (199.99 upfront for Touch 2, 299.99 for Hero)

BBA 150 - 15 Per Month, (39.99 inc BB) 150 mins, 100 sms, 10MB data (49.99 upfront for Touch 2, 99.99 for Hero)

BBA 250 - 20 Per Month, (44.99 inc BB) 250 mins, 150 sms, 10MB data ( FREE for Touch 2, 49.99 upfront for Hero )

BBA 600 - 35 Per Month, (59.99 inc BB) 600 mins 700 sms, 10MB data ( FREE )

5.00 per month for 500MB data allowance.

Out of allowance data rates are charged at 1.47/MB (15% VAT)


You can also get discounts on the whole package when you recontract so it's worth ringing BT to discuss 08000322111 (option 5) Check the message thread to see what others have managed to negotiate.

The BB150 deal may be the best for most of us who aren't bothered about minutes and texts when you compare all the packages over an 18 month period.

BB150 offer 15 + 5 for half a Gig data because 10MB is useless = 20 per month for 18 months contract plus 100 up front = 460 ( or 580 to keep it for 24 months)

Apparently, according to an entry in the same thread, you can take the 150 deal for the first 11 months then drop to the BB50 deal without financial penalty (i.e. you keep the phone but only pay 5 + 5 per month). I'm not convinced that's correct but we'll have to wait and see http://www.beta.bt.com/bta/forums/message.jspa?messageID=89339#89339

Delivery is apparently by a carrier linked to a city. Certainly not my preferred carrier.

I had  thought the Hero had GPS and the Touch 2 didn't but apparently both do. So apart from the pixel resolution of the cameras and the styling what are the differences? Can someone do a full comparison please in a spreadsheet and I'll upload it here. hero@btbba.co.uk