H Cutting and Monitoring Costs

If you miss a call and they leave a message it costs you to retrieve it via 1571.

To switch it:

Make sure you use the best phone for your call

During the day your BBTalk costs

Your free minutes via the mobile network are free all day

Various number ranges are NOT free.

e.g. 0800, 0870 and 05

0800 is free from any landline

You only get 50 free SMS's, plus a carry over for one month.
The softphone has had its 100 free SMSs removed.

You can get 10 free texts per month from the O2 web site

If you find any other web sites that offer free texts please let us all know

If you add your BTBBA account into your BT.com account - using your account number with the BBA account number first 2 digits chopped off and replaced by 'GB' then you can see what credits you have left :

So a BBA account number of 1234567890 - this now becomes GB34567890

If you have a helpfu bank it's also the direct debit reference

It takes a day or so to kick in on their site

.A thread for costs has been started here