H My HTC Rebuild

Ensure the BT CAB files are on the SD card!!! If you don't have an SD card make sure you can run activesync and download on your PC

Version 2.43

Reset and reload BT files from SD card

Change font size so I can read it - Start>settings>Accessibility>System Font Size> Large>Done

Stop email from using my GPRS allowance without permission + other email settings

Setup second email account. Remember to change the outgoing server details

Set the time - Start>Settings>Clock & Alarm>Date and Time

Load Battery Monitor  Software link or Cab File (needs a reboot)

Add my web site http://www.neilmorgan.co.uk/btbbanywhere/  to my favourites in IE

Add the device password (in addition to the sim pin) Start>Settings>Security>Device Lock>

Set up bluetooth/activesync if not already done

Most of you will be aware that I do not approve of updating equipment by the use of flashing UNLESS instructed to by the equipment supplier. I am aware that some of you have upgraded to 6.1 and if you ever need to revert you will need this ROM image file. You then load a version of BT software as above
Please look for further support for flashing elsewhere as I will not be supporting it.