The GPRS connection can do everything that the wifi connection except for VOIP and it's much slower. It allows you to stay in touch and browse the web but don't use it to download unless you want to blow your GPRS 10MB limit in a couple of days.

Going Abroad?

Block your GPRS (see below) and don't forget to switch off your antivirus updates

Block GPRS

Once the initial free unlimited use period comes to an end it is quite expensive if you go over the allowance.

You can prevent your HTCS620 form connecting via GPRS by altering this setting

start > settings > connections > gprs > BT GPRS > change "The Internet" to "Secure WAP Network"

This prevents accidental connection, for example if you think you are connectd via WiFi but is has dropped out.
If you really want to connect via GPRS then it's easy enough to change back.

Or you could try this program. Please give feedback as to whether it works or not and which version of BT software you are using.  

Stop auto email collection

If all you wanted to do was stop it autoconnecting to collect your email then do this

Messaging button > select an email account > menu > tools > options > Account settings > next (5 times) > auot send receive to your preferred settings (mine is manual)

To monitor your GPRS usage you need to add your BTBBA account to your BT.com "view my bill" setup.

I set mine up with help from my bank who told me the direct debit reference. I believe there is a BT number that you can ring to get the details required

There is monitor software available which gives you a guide to your usage
http://www.efficasoft.com/gprsmonitor/index_sp.html (special version) which costs 4 after the free 20 day trial 

How long does 10MB lasr

If anyone tells you that you get about 20 minutes per day [politely inform them that the statement they have just made is nonsense. 

If you spend 20 minutes reading each of my pages (5k max) then you could probably make 10MB GPRS last for several weeks at 12 hours a day. If you look at BT pages (80k minimum) then you could only read 100 pages before you blow the limit. To get to the usage page might take you 1MB which means you could check your usage 10 times a month & blow it. Come on BT, nice easy link & login for the usage page with small page sizes please

Why does the  GPRS icon always show above the signal strength icon??

start - settings - connections - menu softkey - advanced - internet connection should be set to automatic NOT  BTGPRS

Does this work for you? It didn't for me on 2.35